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We Leverage a Broad Range of Resources       Our Six Steps to Sharpness

A Personal Approach & Customized Search

We work with you to provide a highly personalized approach, to develop a deep comprehension of your culture, and to determine the unique requirements and goals with regard to a specific position.



rthur Diamond believes an organization’s corporate personality, the industry in which it operates and its employee dynamics are predominant factors in establishing the basis for the best candidate criteria. With the firm’s knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves on presenting candidates that will match the client’s right brain, and left.

Our search philosophy has developed from over four decades of positive client experience and feedback. We carefully screen each promising candidate to assess character, intellect, proficiency and management qualities. Our experience in this process allows us to factor in such subtle characteristics as temperament and even sense of humor.

Since the top candidates are not typically looking for a new job, we draw on our broad network of contacts to discreetly identify and speak with potential candidates. Our goal is to ascertain what motivates these desirable individuals and to acquaint them with the opportunity and special challenges of the new position.

This search process yields the most accomplished candidates. We continue a search, regardless of the time and resources required, until we are confident that we have assembled a highly pedigreed short list of possible candidates for the position.

For us, an “exceptional candidate” must be exceptionally suited to your company. Those are the people we’ll identify for you.

We Leverage a Broad Range of Resources


Our experience across multiple industries provides insight and a diversity of ideas and candidates. As veterans of the executive search business, we are able to locate the ideal candidate through targeted networking and personal contact. We diligently network to expand our sources and select the most qualified candidates for each executive selection assignment. Through this approach, we are able to provide high quality candidates and minimize the length of a search.

We help our client determine the position’s basic responsibilities, reporting relationships, goals and objectives, management responsibilities, interpersonal skills needed, and compensation. We will also assess the education, experience, personality and all other qualifications needed to meet the position’s requirements. In addition, we identify and assess the intangibles that equate with success. From these sessions, we develop our “Dream Sheet,” which describes in detail the comprehensive capabilities the new hire should bring.

    • We know what to look for in order to avoid “shoppers” who would waste our client’s time. We do preliminary phone interviews with potential candidates to assess their qualifications and then conduct first-round interviews in person.
    • Typically, we find the best candidates are not looking for a new job. We can approach people a client would be reluctant to contact. This part of the process is what we do every day. We contact people confidentially, either as a source, a candidate or a competitor.

Our Six Steps to Sharpness

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1. Client Interview

We begin by meeting with a new client to learn about the company’s history, culture, challenges, financial situation and future direction. Then, together we develop the job specifications and proper market compensation package for the position.

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2. Research & Screening

We explore organizations, databases, competitors and our own far-reaching network to discover qualified executive candidates. Because we work with clients in various industries, we possess many resources for our assignments.

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3. Assemble a “Short List”

We present the client with written profiles of the four to six strongest candidates for consideration, with our own detailed and totally candid impressions.

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4. Client/Candidate Interviews

The client meets with candidates of interest from the “short list.” We discuss and share impressions, leading to selection of finalist.

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5. References

Once the finalist has been chosen, we conduct an in-depth reference check and submit a written report detailing the comments made about the candidate.

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6. Hiring

We make the offer to the chosen candidate. We advise the client about an appropriate compensation package for the finalist and, if necessary, act as an intermediary to resolve any potential differences.

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