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We succeed regardless of industry category.

Arthur Diamond has helped clients in a recurring group of industries, and has often ranged beyond those industries into new categories with great success.



ur work frequently takes us beyond an “executive search.” Often, we assist in setting a new strategic direction for the client’s organization. Or, we’re brought in to finish a search that’s been open for a period of time. In such cases, we need to explain in positive terms to new candidates why the position has been open so long. We work in “lock step” with a total understanding of each client’s culture—how to articulate it, and ultimately, help grow it.

Arthur Diamond has helped clients in a recurring group of industries, and has often ranged beyond those industries into new categories with great success. Even when we’re looking for executive candidates who need expansive knowledge in a specific field, our search process has always emphasized the human qualities of those candidates – and how well those qualities align with the corporate cultures of their new companies.

This approach—what we call the Arthur Diamond “Sharper Lens”—means that we succeed regardless of industry category. Which is why our own learned familiarity with a client’s corporate culture, and our ability to assess a candidate’s potential compatibility, are always more critical to a successful placement than our own familiarity with the deep, technical issues of a new industry.

Case Studies


We were engaged with this client due to the relationship and track record we had with a former client who had become president of this new organization. Originally, he was interested in finding a new Vice President for National Sales. By the end of our project, we:

  • Successfully completed search and placement within allotted time frame
  • Placed seven sales managers around the country, building an entire sales team
  • Found and placed the new corporate CFO
  • Demonstrated our ability to ramp up in new categories quickly and effectively
  • Established a new network and database of key executives in this corporate sector


This category is one of Arthur Diamond’s specialties, and this client has been with us for 20 years. For this organization, we searched for, and filled, an entire Commercial Property Management Team.

Our new hires have gone on to receive promotions within the organization, effectively growing with their company. As these core managers have received new responsibilities, we have helped them build their various departments. In addition to growing staff, we have consulted with this group to improve employee performance, enhance depth of talent, and author a tailored succession plan. Our impact has also reduced attrition rates and staff turnover.


Arthur Diamond was engaged to conduct a search for a new Executive Director. This organization had had three EDs in a five-year period, and greatly needed leadership and stability. The position had been vacant for four months before Arthur Diamond was engaged. We quickly:

  • Assessed the organization and its needs, and developed a tailored job description
  • Worked collaboratively with the Board of Director’s Search Committee
  • Probed each Search Committee member for ED “wish list”
  • Completed the search and filled position within allotted time frame
  • ED still in place five years later, successfully improving non-profit’s finances and service delivery


This association was one of our first clients. We had previously identified and placed their Director of Human Resources years ago, who was now retiring. We met with their Executive Director to reconnect with their specific needs, help develop a job description and bring candidates to replace the outgoing HR Director we had originally identified.

It is more the rule than the exception for Arthur Diamond to be called back for new searches by organizations we’ve worked with in the past—even when the past was in a different decade!


A large university in a major metropolitan area decided to bring its facilities management and maintenance functions in-house. This decision called for two new senior hires: a Director of Facilities, as well as a Manager of Facilities Operations.

Arthur Diamond assisted the search committee, which included the Dean, to determine the scope and key responsibilities of the new team in order to realize, and maximize, the key benefits of their insourcing decision. These advantages included more effective service delivery, sharper strategic planning and cost reduction.

We guided the university leadership through the search process and placed two outstanding professionals in the department. Since completion of this search, the university has exceeded its stated goals from the start of the search.

Our Mission


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