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Searching Through a Sharper Lens.

Our business is about customer insight. The better we understand our clients, the more we can bring to bear the intangible character and personality traits in a candidate that will connect with a new employer. We perceive ourselves as an extension of the client; assuring that each client only interviews only the most qualified executive candidates. This total assessment is an approach we call Searching Through a Sharper Lens.

It’s not automated. It’s a hand-crafted process, customized for each client. Call us—we’ll explain how we can deliver for you.

The Arthur Diamond Advantage

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The 40/60 Approach

Sorting through resumes is the simplest part of the executive selection process. The more challenging—and more important—component is character/personality assessment. This is Arthur Diamond’s 40/60 approach—weighing 40% of the candidate’s qualifications according to his or her professional track record, and 60% with the more subtle personality aspects—which must ultimately fit the new corporation’s culture and executive team style.

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Guidance and Objectivity

By retaining Arthur Diamond, an organization gains expertise and advice from an experienced professional who specializes in candidate searches and assessments. And most importantly, successful selection. Arthur Diamond increases its success rate by assisting in the position description, and clarifying the type of candidate that is appropriate for a particular opportunity.

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Arthur Diamond supports its clients by assuring the highest level of confidentiality throughout the executive selection process. A highly discrete search can prevent competitors from learning about management transitions, new products and market initiatives, as well as protecting the existing staff from experiencing uncertainty.

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Global Network of Contacts & Candidates

Arthur Diamond has access to a network of outstanding candidates and is therefore able to ensure the quality of candidates interviewed by the client company. The best candidates at the executive level are almost always gainfully employed and appreciate the value and discretion we provide.

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Cost Effective

Advertising and conducting an executive recruitment campaign is time consuming and challenging, especially at the executive level. Retaining Arthur Diamond expedites this process by ensuring that clients do not interview unqualified candidates.

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Time Effective

Typically, after 3 to 4 weeks of initial screening and preliminary interviews clients could start meeting candidates. During each phase, we will be in close contact with the client to provide updates and answer any questions that may arise. Once the successful selection process has been completed, Arthur Diamond will stay in touch with the client for up to a year, if necessary, to assist and offer advice.

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